‘Tis the Season to be Thankful…

We are all so busy blocking and tackling each day that we sometimes don’t realize how lucky we are and how much we have to be thankful for. While next week is a time for each of us to pause, reflect and be thankful for what is happening in each of our lives we need to remember that we should be thankful on a daily basis for many things.

As I thought about the specific things in HCIT to be thankful for I came up with a list of things that I am thankful for (in no particular order).

So – here we go…


· This on-line forum to exchange ideas and collaborate with some of the brightest people in our industry.

· My clients and candidates that serve our industry that I appreciate so much.

· The entire staff at HCI, my fellow bloggers, the readership and everyone that contributes outstanding content for Healthcare Informatics.

· The wonderful things that are going on in HCIT and the possibilities of how we can continue to impact the healthcare industry through significant capital investments, technology and increased adoption.

· New HCIT companies, increased HCIT investments, and innovative technologies and services that continue to amaze me.

· What the future holds for anyone in our space with outstanding skills – the sky is the limit!

· Getting closer to finalizing the definition of meaningful use and the CCHIT certification process.

· The ability to wake up every day and work in an industry that I enjoy!

· The final weeks of 2009 are coming to a close. You say Goodbye – I say hello 2010! It’s been tough for many of us and I can’t wait for 2010! Bring it on!