The “Stalker Candidate”…

Main Entry: Stalk
Function: verb
intransitive verb 1 : to pursue quarry or prey stealthily 2 : to walk stiffly or haughtily transitive verb 1 : to pursue by stalking 2 : to go through (an area) in search of prey or quarry 3 : to pursue obsessively and to the point of harassment

OK – I’m the first to admit this is a bit weird.

We are conducting several key IT searches and it looks as if this economy is bringing out the worst in some of us:-(

When a candidate goes through the interview process several things are apparent to all parties involved. There is of course the initial screening – followed by an in depth interview – followed by a series of other engaging activities in the search process. We speak to and communicate with hundreds of candidates each month. We use a search process that is designed to screen and find the best person for a search in the least amount of time. Many candidates stand out based on their stellar resume and career accomplishments while some never seem to rise above the noise.

Then there is the exception to both of the above scenarios. It’s what I refer to as the “stalker candidate”.

It’s the candidate that calls you every single day (ok maybe every other day) while you are conducting a search assignment (for weeks). C’mon. Things don’t change dramatically (by the minute) in a search. Can you say desperation? I am amazed at the “reasons” a stalker gives to justify every single “touch point”. It’s unreal.

I’ve heard it all. It could be ” I have 2-3 offers on the table” or “I am leaving town tomorrow and just wanted to “check- in” or worse ” I just wanted to call you today to check on the status of my candidacy”. “I need a status update”. What? Again? I thought we already covered that on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday! Let’s face it – to day is Thursday and guess what? Nothing has changed today either!!!

Pleeeeeease. Some candidates just don’t get it and for some unknown reason they feel like if they call EVERY SINGLE day their odds of being selected will somehow increase? I want to help each candidate as much as I can. And I do feel sorry for the stalker candidate when I encounter them.

Trust me – calling (I mean stalking) a recruiter every single day does not help your odds to land your dream job. Thank God for caller ID!