Why You Should Return the Recruiter’s Phone Call…

OK – you know the drill… An inbound phone calls comes in and it sounds something like this: “Hi this is John Smith with (fill in the blank search firm) and I wanted to reach out to you today to network with you on a search opportunity my firm is working on”.

You have a several choices on how to respond:

A – You could ignore the call entirely.
B – You could call the search consultant and ask them to NEVER call you again!
C – You could call the search consultant and listen to what they have to say and begin to build a professional relationship assuming they know what they are doing and understand the healthcare IT space. That assumes you like their communication style and their professional style “feels right”. You either connect with them or NOT!

Clearly most good search firms will reach out to CIO’s that already have a job. That is what they get paid to do. Find “passive candidates” and explain what search assignment(s) they are working on – in the event that CIO knows someone that might be a good fit. It’s all about the networking. OK – it’s the “quid pro quo” – you help me and I. in turn will help you (at some future date).

You may think you know – but the reality is that you never know what the future holds. It is a good strategy to have a network of professional search firms that you can call on if you need talent for your own organization – or for YOU! It just makes good business sense.

So… the next time the phone rings and a recruiter leaves you a message – how will you respond?

Will it be A-B or C?