It’s NOT All About the Money

Looking for a new job is truly a full – time endeavor. You need to focus and have clear goals as to what you are looking for. The culture, the people and the person you will be reporting to all matter – as does the role you will have. That being said, it’s amazing to me that so many candidates still focus on the almighty dollar. Show me the money! Yep – you heard it. Finding the perfect gig for you should include checking ALL of the boxes – not just the compensation box.

Your value equation and how you are paid for your knowledge, experience, educational credentials all matter. I get that. What I don’t understand is when candidates try to make a career decision solely on the basis of increasing their W-2. To me there is a fine balance that you must have when weighing out a new opportunity. I suggest that candidates look at the entire opportunity. Stand back for a day or so and make sure you are signing an offer letter for ALL the right reasons. Sure, if you know people who work for the new company and they can vouch for the culture, management and other important details about the company – that’s great. But, while it may be great for them, it may not be great for you.

I suggest you take inventory of ALL the things that matter the most to you and create a score card when faced with an important career decision to join a new company. Measure what matters as a whole – not just the income piece. Score categories in a score card as honestly as you can. Try this scorecard on each opportunity the next time you have to pull the trigger on a job offer:

New Opportunity Score Card Category Score (1= Low 2=Good 3=Awesome)



New Opportunity Score Card





Create the categories that matter the most to you. However, do yourself a favor when evaluating a new opportunity. ALWAYS include the Four C’s – Culture, Career Progression, Chemistry and Compensation. If your score is close when measuring multiple opportunities – use the “gut feel” category as a tie-breaker. Your gut feel usually is a great barometer for big life decisions.

Always score each opportunity! You will be glad you did. Promise!