Interviews and “F” Bombs – A Lethal Combination.

I am often asked by candidate’s good (and important) questions about interview etiquette.

Let’s go over a few no-no’s…shall we?

Q. Should I bring up compensation during the interview?
A. Never. Once you get to the offer stage compensation will be discussed. To try to weave it into your interview and you send too many mixed signal to the hiring manager.

Q. At dinner, if the hiring manager orders a drink – should I order one too?
A. Never. Loose lips sink ships and your boat is still on dry land at the interview stage. Tonic – with a twist of lime- if you feel you must. Order iced tea, soda, water with a lemon or coffee – but never any booze. If you are hired there will always be time for having a cocktail with the boss in the right setting. Let’s make sure you get the job first!

Q. At what point do I tell the hiring manager why I hate my current job, boss, company (you fill in the blanks)?
A. Never. Refrain from making any disparaging comments – you may come across as whiny or worse they may detect a major character flaw in you and paint you with being a negative person. Not good. Take the high road at all times.

Q. Should I let the hiring manager in on some secrets from the competition (your current employer?
A. Never. They will see what you are doing and never hire you because they will not be able to trust you. Dumb move.

Q. What if the hiring manager drops a few ‘F” bombs or tells a story or joke that’s off color? Should I jump in with a few of my own?
A. Never- Never- Never! Under any circumstances. There is NO room for that in any business setting – especially with someone you don’t even know. Professionalism will always be in vogue. Take the high road here too! You will be glad you did.

OK. It’s your turn now! Ask me any question you have on your mind about what’s in play and what’s off limits during an interview.

Don’t be shy….