I Thought I Was The Only One? Pick Me!

Once a candidate engages in a search, questions start flying my way – lots of questions. The one that always amazes me the most is this one “So, are there other candidates under consideration for this opportunity”? WHAT? What kind of question is that?

So, you thought you were the only one? C’mon – you know better than that!

Clients are looking for the candidate that meets the position profile, has a track record of success, the requisite educational credentials and is the best cultural fit for the organization (among other key drivers). In most cases we profile dozens of candidates, screen many and finally get to a short list after weeks and weeks of qualifying the best candidates to present to our client. In many cases it gets down to a single candidate that receives the offer. So, don’t take it personal. The message here is that there will always be other candidates in the search process – if the search consultant is worth their salt.

Many candidates meet and exceed in almost every category (plus others) I covered above – but may not “fit” into the corporate culture in the greener pastures they are seeking. And…that’s OK. There will be a “fit” somewhere else for that candidate if they are patient and diligent in their search for a new job. A job search is a journey that should force you, the candidate, to step back and assess what you really want out of a new opportunity. It could be career progression, a new boss, more money or a move closer to family, to the mountains or near the ocean. It’s your life!

So… don’t over-react when the search consultant says ‘YES” to “So, are there other candidates under consideration for this opportunity?”

The answer should be YES — every single time.