I See Impostors Everywhere!

Originally posted on Healthcare Informatics

The so called “experts” are already lining up as the HCIT hiring expansion officially kicks into high gear. The recruiter confidence index has reached a new high nationally while the hiring frenzy has already begun in our industry. It is the perfect storm. It’s absolutely crazy! Everyone is an EXPERT. C’mon. Recruiters that have been working in non-healthcare related industries hit hard by the economy have suddenly (some just last week) switched vertical markets and now represent themselves as domain experts in healthcare IT. Yep – the search sharks that can barely spell HEALTHCARE are now HCIT specialists and claim they can help YOU find the talent you are looking for. A hundred years ago they would have been the ones selling YOU elixir on the side of the road. They, like many of the HCIT vendors, can smell the stimulus money a mile away and are waiting to pounce on hospitals, clinics and the vendor market with vengeance. Let the circus begin.

For these healthcare search expert wannabe’s – it’s all about the money and they will do whatever they can to misrepresent there experience to gain access to any hiring manager or VP of HR that will take their call. It’s sort of like a penny stock broker they are not selling value at all. They just assume it’s a pure numbers game and if they make enough phone calls and talk to enough people in healthcare they will be able to participate in the HCIT gold rush. There is a sucker born every minute and as the hiring manager you need to make sure any search partner you engage understands the nuances of this highly specialized field.

Buyer beware is my word of caution in working with these impostors. To find to build the best team possible for your facility you must find the best talent available. Search impostors can have the greatest technology applications and use the latest and greatest social media tools available – but that does not make them an expert in HCIT. Just remember that the first time a highly qualified candidate asks your search partner a specific HCIT question and they respond like a deer in headlights – it’s your brand that will take the hit. Your search partner is an extension of your department and should be joined at the hip with HR to attract and hire America’s very best HCIT candidates.
I’m afraid that will not happen if you engage the CLUELESS. Just sayin’.