Happy Holidays!

As I packed up the office yesterday to prepare for a few days off for Christmas I finally felt something strange. With a year like 2009 – a daily appetite of bad news and hearing about difficult challenges around the world – checking my attitude has become commonplace. This feeling was somehow different. Yes – it was me – finally getting into the spirit of the holidays. I must admit for me personally that 45 days of continuous Christmas commercials and Christmas music is more than I can take. I complain constantly how Americans have let this special holiday turn into 45 days of “retail hell” on the airwaves and in malls and stores across the fruited plain. I digress.

When I arrived home my daughter had arrived from Atlanta and my son got in from Boston yesterday. It’s always great to see them, hang out, laugh and have a good time! We always do! We enjoyed a holiday toast at one of my favorite Charleston restaurants (BASIL) followed by some great Thai food. My holiday spirit meter was moving in the right direction – north. All good. A stop at Barnes and Noble around 10pm was a good way to break up the ride home and it gave me a chance to pick up some much needed reading material for the holidays. Again, all good.

We returned to our humble abode to kick back for a while. We watched the Christmas re-run of last week’s episode of The Office and enjoyed it as much last night as I did the first time! Great show! Then it was time for another evening staple of mine – The Jay Leno Show (which I recorded). I enjoy very few television shows – period! Last night was special. I’m glad we watched it!

Last night Jay invited The African Children’s Choir to perform! I thought – OK – this won’t take long J WOW! Unreal! What a treat. If you have not seen these kids perform – you are definitely in for a holiday treat. As I watched them perform I also noticed how content and happy they looked. They were full of joy and laughter and they were having fun. It was contagious. It was real – no doubt. These kids moved me – and my holiday spirit finally kicked into high gear. Finally – It feels good.

Happy Holidays to all. I hope everyone enjoys the holiday! I know we will.