Don’t Lie To Me!

Telling a lie to your golfing buddy (unless it’s Bernie Madoff bragging about his golfing scores) is one thing. Telling a lie on an interview sort of changes the game – big time! Whether you decide to lie on your resume – or at the final interview the end game is always the same. Eventually you will get caught or at minimum you will have to keep up the lying game just to keep your story straight. Just ask the former coach of Notre Dame who was terminated after 5 days for lying on his resume. Not good.

Many of us have career experiences in our past that may be ugly and hairy. Being candid early in the process and making sure your resume is an accurate portrayal of who you are and what you have accomplished is…well, let’s just say it says a lot about who you really are. Honesty is the best policy and it is always best to put your cards on the table early in the process. Your little secrets (and your lying eyes) may not be a big deal to you – but you could blow your foot off during the final stages of the interview if you decide to drop the bomb at the end. OUCH!

A good search consultant should also be a good listener and he or she – while paid a fee by the client has a vested interest in presenting highly qualified candidates that meet and exceed the position profile. And Ethics matter – trust me. If you have experienced an issue during your career that you feel needs to be disclosed, let your search consultant know early on. If it is a big enough issue – they will tell you so.
If they tell you to lie about it or hide it – leave their office immediately. Run!

Honesty is the best policy. If you are not honest – anything can happen. And I mean anything!