Don’t Be Bashful – Add Success Metrics to Your Resume!

Originally posted on Healthcare Informatics

I receive lots of resumes each and every week. And…I mean lots of resumes.

I am continually surprised at the different formats, color scheme, font, selection and yes in some cases the photos (bad idea) that are sometimes used in a candidate’s effort to “stand out” in the sea of resumes we receive each day. OK – lose the photos please… I would say for the most part I have no issues with the format most candidates use. If it’s way off base – we offer a free resume download (long and short) and a free service to re-format resumes for senior executives we work with on a given assignment. Always happy to help when we can. However, you are the only one that can really provide the content – and the best way to tell your story is by using success metrics.

Many really smart, highly educated senior level healthcare IT executives just miss the mark entirely when it comes to preparing a resume that screams experience and leadership. It most cases the career progression is provided in a manner that most prospective employers want to see. Demographics, contact information – it’s all there. What’s usually missing are the success metrics. This is where you demonstrate (in writing) your performance for each role and how you moved the needle while you were there. You do this by providing the specifics of your accomplishments. I like to make sure the accomplishments are listed in order of importance in the eyes of the reader. Uses dates, numbers, percentages, ROI – anything to give the reader a sense of where YOU made a difference.

Take a moment the next time you are reviewing your resume and read it as if you were the hiring manager or the CEO. Does the order of the list make sense to you? Are the accomplishments noted both qualitative and quantitative? Is it impressive and does it tell the story about you? Metrics matter.

Make sure you spend the time to articulate your value equation when you face the market with your resume. This is not the time to be bashful. Spend a few minutes to ensure you get a second look by a search consultant or a hiring manager by providing your success metrics.

You will be glad you did.