Do All Titles Matter?

Originally posted on Healthcare Informatics

Too many people get hung up titles. I don’t get it. What will people say? It’s like some social hang-up and without the right title you just can’t hang with others that have a job title that sounds more important. Who cares?

In the end while title matters in some regards to be able to either face the market (senior level executives) or the employee base to accentuate your role as a manager or a leader – for many roles it’s not relevant. I don’t advocate taking a step back and that’s not what I’m saying here. So many candidates I speak to want to start the conversation by asking about the title. Forget the salary and bonus just hit them with a title wave–make them feel overly important and they are usually on board.

Here’s the deal. In today’s market, companies need leaders more than ever. The hierarchy (food chain) regarding titles in most organizations-have likely been set in stone long ago. To ask a company to change your title to artificially make you feel important to others or to prop up your ego never works out. And, it does not matter. Go make something happen. Do your job, move the needle and make an impact at whatever you do and your rewards will always be there.

Who knows – maybe your title will change too.