The Recruiting Process

The Recruiting Process
Most important to a successful recruiting mission is a thorough understanding of the client’s operations, the specific requirements of the position to be filled, and the corporate environment and management style into which the new employee will be placed. This two-way sharing of information will identify unique priorities, challenges and opportunities that characterize the company’s search for the right individual. We work hard to present candidates and material in a timely fashion, ensuring that the search process takes no longer than absolutely necessary. At conception, we provide a” time line draft” to each client, outlining the approximate length of time it will take for us to find the ideal candidate.

The Healthcare IT Practice’s recruiting process is conducted through referrals and by contacting people in the work disciplines and businesses where qualified candidates are most likely to be. We do not rely on unsolicited resume flow or blind ads.

The talented individuals we approach are generally not looking for a new position. Most likely, they have not circulated their resumes, nor are they currently reading help-wanted ads. They are the two-thirds of the qualified workforce who are unreachable except through a custom-recruiting approach. They are, however, people who may be interested in an opportunity when it is brought to their attention in a professional and discreet manner.

Clients of The Healthcare IT Practice rely on our knowledge of the healthcare IT industry and occupational disciplines in which we recruit and we use sophisticated computer technology to manage large amounts of information.

Our inquiries are made in strict confidence, and the company is not identified until a candidate expresses definite interest in the position. If we feel there is a fit, we then take steps to recruit the candidate.