Candidate Management

Evaluating Candidates
Once we have identified potential candidates, we perform in-depth interviews with each candidate to determine if they meet all client requirements. Additionally we will uncover any personal or family issues that would restrict the candidate’s ability to join our client. In evaluating potential candidates, our consultant will:

    • Match the candidate’s educational, professional and occupational skills to our client’s specific job requirements and needs.
    • Confirm that the candidate’s past experience and successes will effectively contribute to achieving our client’s current and future goals.
    • Verify that a candidate’s personal style will complement the corporate culture and will mesh well with the hiring manager’s personality.
    • Evaluate the candidate’s long-term potential to take on additional responsibilities beyond the current needs.

We believe that constant communication is the key to ensuring a successful placement. Therefore, we give regular search updates and evaluations to all interested parties throughout the search process. We present for interview only those individuals who best fit the assignment profile. We will perform preliminary reference checks and education/certification validations, as well as video interviews prior to presenting the candidate.

Presenting Candidates
After the interviews we debrief both the client and the candidate, and then follow up to ascertain the candidate’s interest, provide additional information and resolve any misunderstandings. We assist in composing and extending the offer and negotiating any changes. When needed, we can also provide relocation assistance and cost-of-living comparisons. Once the offer is extended, we stay in touch with the candidate to resolve remaining issues and facilitate a prompt acceptance and early starting date.