Video Interviewing Tips

The cost of travel in today’s economy has increased the number of video interviews we do, as it reduces out-of-town travel expenses while still allowing us to meet with potential candidates face-to-face. Video interviews have become an efficient and vital tool for us, our clients and candidates.

We use two types of services to conduct interviews – ooVoo and Skype – and though most new laptops have video capability, if a candidate does not have access to a webcam, we recommend the Logitech Webcam C250 (available at most office supply stores).

There are a few things that a candidate needs to prepare in advance of a video interview:

  • Make sure you are familiar with the equipment: check your camera placement, volume and computer settings before the interview is set to start.
  • Get a rough draft of the questions from the recruiter if possible. They will not give you specifics, but should be able to give you good idea of what questions will be covered.
  • Dress for success. Look the part in your video interview. It is very important that you make an impression with your appearance. Wear what you would if the interview was in person.
  • Know your audience in advance. Do as much research about the company and the person conducting the interview that you can. Ask the recruiter for help if you are unable to find out what you need to know online. Try to connect with the person early – but get the small talk out of the way and let them drive the pace.
  • Keep your answers on point – most video interviews are scheduled for an hour or so. Don’t drag out your answers and stay on topic.
  • Clarify your answers if you have any doubts. Ask how the interview is going.
  • Avoid moving around and try to be as natural as possible. Moving around may create audio distortions. Be natural. Maintain eye contact. If you look nervous, it will come across in high definition color to the person on the other end. Just be yourself and relax!
    Thank the person conducting the interview and ask about next steps in the process to let them know you are interested (assuming you are).