Career Management

Most of the people we approach are not actively in the job market but are qualified professionals in satisfactory situations, only interested in possible exceptional career opportunities brought to their attention for serious consideration. Effective career management means the exceptional individual will make several timely job changes over the course of their working life. To do that most effectively, we help candidates give careful thought to their professional goals and what they must do in order to achieve them. The candidate, and their family (if appropriate), need to define their values with respect to work and desired quality of life. If we are aware of their qualifications, goals and values, we can approach them with those opportunities that are consistent with those objectives.

In this era of corporate restructuring and downsizing, anyone can lose a good job with little notice. Therefore it’s a good idea to establish an early relationship with us. If you should unexpectedly lose your job, we’ll be ahead of the game by already knowing the kinds of opportunities that will be attractive to you.