Are You Still Having Fun?

Originally posted on Healthcare Informatics

I talk with tons of candidates that appear to be just going through the motions each and every day apparently either bored silly or just miserable doing what they do. This is a phenomenon that we all have to keep in check and if not – we risk losing interest in our careers and experience lost productivity, poor leadership and a whole host of other issues that can spell big trouble for you and for your organization. It’s time to evaluate where you are right now.

So – where is your head today regarding your career? Ask yourself a few questions:

Do you still have a passion for what you are doing? This drives everything and without a real passion for what you do – you may have found your answer. This one is hard to fake. You are either passionate about your career and believe you are making a difference – and doing what you want to be doing or not. There is very little grey area here.

Are you constantly learning something new and expanding your knowledge and skill-set? This one is totally within your control. You should always remember that you are driving the bus on being a life-long learner and expanding your knowledge base. If the answer is no then do something about it! Enroll in a few on-line classes or take a class at night and hone your skills or learn a totally new skill. Likely, this activity alone will give you something to look forward to. Become a disciple of life-long learning today!

Are you having fun? Do you find that you are just bored out of your mind or are you actually having fun each day? Make minor changes to your daily routine. Invite someone you vaguely know to have lunch with you – organize a weekend cook-out for your team or book tickets to a concert or a ball game and get out of the office! Look at your daily schedule and make sure you are attending meetings that matter and that your attendance is required. If you don’t need to be there – “opt out” or let one of your team members go in your place. It will help them grow and instill confidence in them by going in your place and give you more freedom in your daily schedule to do other things.

Do you wake up and look forward to going to work? Do you still get excited about going to work each day or do you feel stressed-out at the thought of getting in your car and making your way in each day. This question is critical. If you no longer look forward to going to work there could be a huge problem in the way you perform and in your ability to be an effective leader.