2010 – Where Have You Been?

For many of us 2010 brings a new beginning, the start of something very exciting in our space and hopefully a different perspective on where we have been. I, for one, have tremendous optimism and hope as we enter the New Year – and…with much more focus than ever before. Say good-bye to 2009!

It’s almost like we have to actually watch the clock until it strikes midnight on 12/31 to really begin to realize the endless possibilities that lie ahead. Let’s think about it for a minute shall we? Here is a snapshot of what I look forward to:

Time for New and Exciting Goals: There was too much FUD (fear-uncertainty-doubt) in 2009 to really get many of us a chance to know what was possible – or not. While we still stand in waiting for the powers to be to finalize details on “meaningful use” we are getting closer. The “certification” process train has left the station and we will all soon know who has a seat at the table. All good. As you think through what you want to accomplish in 2010, you will certainly need to do so based on what lies ahead in the New Year. Forget about the carnage in your rear view mirror. Goodbye 2009. Let’s move on.

Clarity – I think we will all have much more clarity of where we plan to take our respective organizations in 2010. There has been so much uncertainty and ambiguity in this market – but from a timing standpoint it’s about to change. Yes – finally. Stakes will be driven deeply into the ground soon on a number of fronts and it will be time for each of us to think more clearly about what our plans are to take advantage of the market forces in HCIT. It’s here. Get ready.

Growth – Some of us experienced organizational growth in 2009 – but it was likely an anomaly. The race to build the foundational infrastructure we will all need to scale our organizations will be like a mad race just to stay in the game. The talent wars have already started and hiring will soon be at a full-scale frenzy! This will be exciting – but many of us will have to change old hiring habits and create assessment tools and streamline the interview process and ensure you have solid on-boarding strategies in place. You will also need to be able to articulate the value of why any candidate would want to work in your organization. What are your WOW Factors to entice new recruits to join forces with your team? Retention strategies will be more important than ever. What’s your plan?

Attitude – My hope is that hope and enthusiasm will replace fear as the normal thought of the day. This will not be the time to be tentative or make half-baked decisions based over-arching yesteryear attitudes that permeated America over the past 18-24 months. I can’t think of a better place to be than in the HCIT market today. This is our time. This is our moment. Right now. Carpe Annum!

Take a few days and re-charge your batteries. Trust me you will need the extra energy. Embrace 2010 with new goals, more clarity, and a plan to grow with a better attitude. That’s my plan!

It’s going to be just GREAT! Oh YEAH.